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In August 2005, PetroTrans assisted China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) in the fierce acquisition battle for PetroKazahstan (PK) at a cost of 4.28 billion USD. The oil asset of PetroKazahstan is essential to China as it was located closely to the pipeline.  This strategic acquisition makes it much easier to supply crude oil for the Chinese-Kazakh pipeline. It was a total victory on this achievement for CNPC. Since the takeover of PK in October 2005, the production of crude oil rapidly increased from 159,000 BPD to 240,000 BPD.
PetroKazakhstan has a proven reserve well of over 700,000,000 barrel.
The value of PetroKazakhstan is now estimated at over 6 billion USD. It is an essential asset for China, with PetroTrans assisting though most of the critical moment.



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